Best products for curly hair: We pick the best shampoos, conditioners and treatments


Looking to treat, tame, preen, and pamper your wavy locks? Then these are our favourite hair care products for keeping curly hair healthy

Whether you have tight coils or a looser wave, curly hair comes with a special set of challenges. Curly locks tend towards dryness and dullness; they also tangle and frizz much more readily than straight hair. But treat your hair with the right products and those curls can be luscious, soft and bouncingly beautiful.

Here you’ll find our guide to the best curl-care products on the market, with a range of budgets in mind. We’ll explain the key products you need, and why, in the bite-size buying guide below, or you can scroll straight past and check out our favourite shampoos, conditioners and treatments. With prices starting from as little as £3, you won’t need to spend a fortune to give your hair a boost.

How to choose the right products for curly hair

How often should I wash my hair?

You’ll have seen a lot of debate on this topic. but ideally, it’s best to wash curly hair every few days. Washing it every day, even with a gentle shampoo, can wreak havoc with your hair type and is a recipe for frizz.

What kind of conditioner should I use?

A good, hydrating conditioner will do the work of sealing in moisture, warding off tangles and defining the shape of your gorgeous curls. To find this you’ll need to look for a formulation that suits your texture and your lifestyle – a heavy conditioner will penetrate thick curls but is far less suitable for finer hair, weighing it down. Leave-in conditioners are great for busy lifestyles and can be applied and forgotten about while you get on with your day. Even better, it helps to hold your style in place while it does the work of conditioning your tresses.

Are there any other products I should consider?

It’s worth investing in a good repairing hair treatment for extra care once a week (or more frequently, if your hair is suffering). Hot oil, treatment masques and overnight leave-in products will all help soften and nourish curly hair, and make for a lovely Sunday night bathroom ritual too. Comb conditioners and treatment products through with a wide-toothed detangling comb that won’t snag or break your delicate curls.

Finally, smoothing styling products can be a godsend for frizzy hair – but resist the temptation to slap on too much, or to layer up too many products at once. Pick one serum, balm or styling wax suitable for your hair type and use it sparingly to promote bouncy ringlets and control frizz and flyaway hair.

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